Surprising Foods in an Ohio Raccoon's Natural Diet!

Raccoons have an omnivorous nature. They are opportunist Toledo eaters. Their diet depends on the habitat they live in. most common foods are eggs, insects, nuts, plants, fruits, rodents, crayfish and frogs.

Raccoons living in urban areas

As they live in urban areas, they can find their food in garbage, while most of them eat plant and other invertebrate foods. If Ohio raccoons are living in tropical areas, they expand their habitat. Just like critters, they can also live in the barns thus they can stay warm during cold northern time. As their habitats gets shrunk, they become able of adopting various urban areas and there is no restriction on their habitat.

Raccoons living in homes

They can live in marsh, prairie and city. Even they can be kept as Ohio pets. The home which they choose for living depends on their habitat. Raccoons opt of living in the dark regions however warm or dry areas which have protection against their predators such as dogs or coyote. Tree cavities or hollow logs can be the best as the resting place. but, urban living can't offer much opportunities for them. There are also many advantages of living in homes like there are a lot of crawling and jumping abilities at homes. At homes they use their distinctive powers and fingers which are helpful in these settings for removing the lids and covers of garbage bins and trashcans. Within the garbage, they manage to find the food items whichever they like as there will be a great variety for them in that case.

Raccoons living in wild

If they live in wild they can eat fruits, birds, frogs, nuts, fish and eggs.

Raccoons living in farms

If they live in Toledo farms, they can eat anything which they find in the farms including orchard fruit, corn and poultry.

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