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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Toledo! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Toledo, OH. Whether you're dealing with odd, scratching noises that seem to be coming from the attic or an animal kicking up a terrible stench down in the basement, we can handle the lot, and we're fully equipped to deal with all animals, large and small. Our preferable approach is always a humane way, live trapping and relocating or excluding where possible. We don't use poisons in the pursuit for pest-proof homes and commercial buildings, but we do use the tricks and hacks that we've learned over the last ten years in the industry to make sure the job is done quickly and effectively, with the minimal amount of stress and fuss caused both you and the animal(s). Call us now at 419-956-0291 for your Toledo wildlife control needs.

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Toledo dead animal removal inside houses.

Toledo snake removal and prevention.

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Toledo Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Are Toledo Raccoons Out During the Daytime Rabid? Find Out the Signs!

Raccoons are the nocturnal Toledo animals however they may choose to forage during daytime. As they didn't acquire sufficient food or they require of getting an extra food for their babies, they start to move during daytime in search of food. As animals are moving in right direction, not moving within circles and seem healthy; it shows that they are healthy.

What about rabid raccoons?

In fact, rabid Ohio raccoons can also be active during daytime however it can be only one of the symptom of having rabies. Other symptoms include:

  • Drooling
  • Shaking
  • Whining
  • Paralysis of limbs

  • Rabies is uncommon among Ohio raccoons however a lot of people have concerns regarding them. According to animal control department in the America, when it comes to a dreadful disease like rabies, it is rare among raccoons. People can be swept away but they need to be careful additionally as they may lose their animals because of this disease. As the raccoons aren't staggering around or not walking in the circles, they aren't going to have rabies. Rabid animals often seem normal, they are alert and look healthy, and most of the time, they are healthy.

    When to call emergency?

    You are required to call for a Toledo expert for a rabid raccoon if you notice that the raccoons are staggering around or if they are drooling or foaming or if they get bitten by dog. If raccoons get infected, they will die quicker and that can be one reason of why rabid raccoons are highly of the time instead of existent. If pets get exposed to the rabid raccoons, they must be put within the quarantine for ensuring that they don't get affected with the disease.